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Where Tactical and Medical Come Together

  • The only Tactical and Medical combined Trauma Kit where survival and quick response can mean the difference between life and death.
  • The bag allows individuals caught in a crisis to  impede access to rooms and administer first aid/stop gap treatment where necessary until      professional help arrives.
  • The robust Kit has the tools and flexibility to provide individuals with a rapid response to mass casualties and/or to be downsized for 2 to         4 casualties with a defense response component built in. 
  • Designed for military, government agencies, police, EMS, schools, institutions, universities and corporations, etc.
  • Customization available for quantity orders.
  • Due to the sensitivity of the content within our  Patented Kit, contact us for more information and pricing.
  •  CALL for PRICING & Kit Opotions 



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PRO1TEK Trauma/Tactical Bag - CALL FOR PRICING

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