PRO1TEK  Portable Door Securing Kit
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  • Our Portable Door Securing Kit allows individuals caught in a crisis to temporarily   secure themselves in a room or Keep doors open to allow for quick exciting  
  • TAC-WEDGE® PLUS-  has portable Multifunctional Capabilities 
  • TAC-KEYs - help to temporarily lock up hinges on inward- swinging doors 
  • Designed for military, government agencies, police, and commercial use 
  • The kit is packaged by an 8a organization on behalf of a MBE/WBE.
  • Customization available for quantity orders.
  • Due to the sensitivity of the content in the kit, not all items are shown or listed. Please call for additional information 
An exclusive item within our Kit is the TAC-WEDGE® PLUS  wich provides multifunctional capabilities for many different scenarios: it can be used to temperarilty secure inward-swinging doors when the lock is missing or broken, if turned upside down it functions as a conventional door stopper and can be removed without damaging surfaces, Hinge lock cutouts keep doors open and resist falling out if door is bumped or jarred; it also serves as a portable Tactical Access Control by positively securing an inward swinging door in either a closed or open position. The TAC-WEDGE® PLUS is designed to inhibit entry by unknown parties or to prevent access to a room’s contents.  Another exclusive item within our Bag is the TAC-KEY which also helps to temporarily lock up hinges on inward swinging doors; both devices are portable and easy to use.  Additional content is contained with our Kit which provides multifunctional capabilities.   




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PRO1TEK Portable Door Securing Kit

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