Gloves-Cotton Jersey Knit Cuff - Lined / 12 Pair
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  • Blue Cotton Jersey Gloves
  • Moleskin lined (Heavy Cotton, Plush Nap)
  • Knit Cuff
  • Extra Heavy 
  • Available in Men's Sizes S-XL 
  • Sold by Dozens/ 12 Pair per size
  • Special order product requires minimum qty's 
Cotton Jersey Gloves are made for comfort and breathability for general purpose applications.  Cotton Jersey gloves should fit comfortably, but snugly on the hand.  They provide greater dexterity and a sense of touch than woven gloves, and they can provide better warmth due to their clinginess.   


  • Item #: PROLOBV999KW

Gloves-Cotton Jersey Knit Cuff - Lined / 12 Pair

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